Environmental policy 

VIP is a specialist, traditional print and design business with clients ranging from private individuals and SMEs to global, blue-chip corporates.

As a forward thinking business, we are fully committed to minimising our effects on the environment and climate change through considered, precise action in reducing our electricity, water and gas usage as well as the amount of waste we produce.

As an example, in May 2011 we invested resources in our second Platewriter 2000 computer-to-plate system which eliminates the need for the use of harmful chemicals in the production of our printing plates.
In addition, we also actively encourage our clients to use biodegradable paper and board which has been recycled or is from sustainable forests.

In December 2011, the British Printing Federation introduced us to Carbon Smart, a company that has worked with us to offer advice and guidance in all practical aspects of carbon reduction.

Carbon Smart surveyed our factory and administrative offices and have worked alongside us to enable us to formulate an achievable and realistic action plan –

  • We will reduce our consumption of electricity, natural gas and water
  • We are monitoring the carbon accountability of our electricity, gas and water suppliers
  • We are constantly monitoring and improving our commitment to recycling
  • We are monitoring and verifying all the materials we buy and where available and practical, we are replacing them with more environmentally-friendly alternatives
  • We have made sure all our staff have adopted a proactive approach to our action plan and are fully committed to achieving our goals. Progress is monitored and reported to the management on the first working day of each calendar month

This environmental policy has been communicated to all staff, suppliers and clients. It is published on our website and updated quarterly upon review.

Paul Humphrey

Managing Director