Folding and creasing 

Here are some of the most popular types of fold we can include with our print service.

Item can be folded, finished and stuffed in to envelopes if required, or they can be creased and left flat for transit. Because VIP is a bespoke printer, we are also capable of cutting, folding and creasing in almost any way to suit your print job.

4-page single fold

A single fold parallel to the short edge, in the centre of the long edge. This fold is commonly used for wedding invitations, thank-you cards, Christmas cards and other greetings cards.

French fold or 8-page right angle fold

Two folds, with the first in the centre of the short edge, parallel with the long edge. The second fold is then in the centre of the long edge, parallel with the short edge. The French fold is mostly used for traditional wedding invitations.

Double gate fold

Starting with a landscape sheet, two folds are made parallel with the short edge. The standard gate fold is with each fold made one quarter of the long edge away from the left and ride sides, making the 'gates' meet in the centre. Moving the folds futher apart leaves an opening, while closer together creates an overlap. The double gate fold is mostly used for contemporary wedding invitations and often with custom die-cutting to create an interesting overlapping section or a fastener.