Foil is often used to add a bit of extra flair to anything printed. Foiled business cards and foiled wedding invitations are among the most popular items we produce for our customers.

Using a block or die, made especially for the foiled parts of your design, the foil sticks to the substrate, whether paper or card, through heat and pressure. The heat and pressure involved has led to the process of foiling becoming known by some other names as well, such as hot foiling, hot foil stamping and foil stamping.

Depending on the thickness and density of the substrate, the process of foiling can deboss into the surface of the material. The amount of debossing will vary according to the material, but it is also possible to adjust the pressure on our machinery to intentionally deboss the foiled parts of the design or, on thinner boards, push the impression through to the reverse side.

On darker boards, foiling is the best process to use in order to ensure the strength and opacity of a colour. Because lithographic ink is partially transparent, it may appear to take on some of the colour from the board underneath it, changing the perceived colour of the print itself. For example, blue ink on a yellow board may end up looking green. Similarly, printing white foil on to black board is the only way we are able to print white on black.

Clear foil, also known as transparent foil, can be used as an alternative to spot UV varnish. On an uncoated board, clear foil is the better choice to maintain clarity and gloss where spot UV varnish may be absorbed in to the material. Clear foil will also withstand an embossing process, where a spot UV varnish can stretch, crack and discolour.

Gold foil and silver foil are the most popular foils with our customers, however there are many other coloured foils available. Our metallic foils not only cover several different shades and intensities of gold and silver, but also copper foil, many other colours in a metallic finish as well as holographic foil and patterned foil.

Aside from the range of metallic foils, we have a wide selection of solid colour foils - including black foil, white foil, red foil, orange foil, blue foil and green foil - all available in a range of shades and most in gloss, matt or silk finish. Foil manufacturers utilise a specific colour system and, unfortunately, we are unable to match foil colours to Pantone colours.