Paper and board 

We are able to print on papers and boards from many different manufacturers and on many different paper thicknesses and weights.

We use boards from well-known manufacturers, like GF Smith with their collections of uncoated, coated, textured and specialist boards, as well as their extremely popular Colorplan range, which comes in 50 colours, 25 textures (or embossings as they call them) and 8 weights.

We print on all types of the ever-popular Arjowiggins Conqueror board, including their CX22 ultra- smooth, their Connoisseur 100% cotton, their Laid textured and their Wove smooth ranges.

Another range of boards we are able to offer to our customers is from Fedrigoni, the Italian manufacturer who offer an extensive range and a dazzling array of high quality papers and boards.

Weight and thickness

Paper or board is most commonly manufactured and sold in Europe by grams per square metre, usually written as gsm, gm2 or gm2. Caliper, also known as the thickness of paper can be measured in microns or mcs, where 1000 microns = 1mm. Depending on the density of the board, two different substrates could both weigh 160gsm but have completely different thicknesses.

The table below shows the approximate weight and thickness of our most commonly printed items:

NCR paper sheets60gsm80mcs
Copier/printer paper sheets80gsm110mcs
Letterheads/compliment slips120-160gsm160-220mcs
Greetings cards270gsm360mcs
Business cards270-400gsm360-530mcs
Duplexed business cards540-800gsm720-1070mcs
Corporate invitations400-700gsm530-920mcs
Wedding invitations400-800gsm530-1070mcs
Triplexed business cards900-1080gsm1200-1440mcs