Die-cutting and creasing 

Occasionally we all need to stand out from the crowd, especially with printing and bespoke marketing materials.

Our Heidelberg platen is one of our oldest machines in our East London factory, but possiby our most versatile. Converted from its original letterpress printing function, it now cuts, creases, kiss-cuts, embosses and debosses anything from papers through to heavyweight boards, giving us the flexibility to create different shapes, finishes and textures, with amazing effects.

Whatever your idea, you can use die-cutting on a wide range of things. Many people add eye catcing detail with die-cutting to their business cards, corporate invitations, door hangers, post cards, envelopes and wedding invitations, to name a few. It all depends on what message you want to deliver.

Whether you're looking for a classic shape or something unique, such as a family crest - whatever the shape - we can produce stunning results with our custom die-cutting and creasing service.