Embossing and debossing 

Embossing and debossing are two separate processes that can be used to give amazing effects.

Embossing uses 2 dies; a male and female die counterforce to press the material to raise the image up so you can see and feel it away from the board or paper. Debossing involves pressing an image in to the material and only requires one die.

We only use the “best” copper dies which give incredible detail.

Pre-printed litho printing and foiled details can be embossed or debossed in perfect register. Alternatively, there’s also another process called “blind” where and image can be impressed on to any material, paper or board for a subtle effect and that means no ink or foils used just blind embossed which is pressing in to the materials.

Please see the gallery page where we have blind embossed a letterheading for Prince’s Trust to get a feel for what we mean, it’s an amazing effect.

Adding these elements of touch and feel to your product will impress people.