Foiling & Gilding 

Foiling (sometimes known as foil stamping) is a method of printing in which heated type or stamping dies are pressed against a thin leaf of metallic or pigment foil, transferring the design onto the substrate. Heat and pressure make the foil stick to the desired areas creating a rich metallic or pigment result that can't be achieved with any other printing process.

It can be applied to the majority of paper stocks and we have used foil on all types of stationery, business cards, folders and invitations.

Gilding is the technique of applying a metallic leaf to the edge of business cards or invitations. The thicker the paper, the more noticeable it is. Traditionally, gold and silver are the most popular options, usually matching a foiled design on the surface.

It gives a distinctive and superb touch to the finished product, it's something that won't ever be overlooked.