Hand painted edging 

Painted Edge Business Cards and invitations add a pop of color to the sides of your full color business cards. Show your customers that your creativity doesn't stop at the surface. With your choice of business card or invitations stocks, Painted Edge Business Cards look amazing from every angle.

In addition to unique solid colors, we offer Fluorescent and Metallic colors that truly stand out from the rest. Some printers cut corners... we paint the edges.

If Painted Edges aren't right for you, try any of our Custom Business Card Printing options like gilding the edges to match the foiling on your card - they look stunning! Speak to a specialist today and learn more about customizing your personal business cards.

Like gilding, painting the edges of business cards or invitations also adds a finishing touch to your prints. Using spray to achieve the desired colour, we can match any Pantone colour accurately.

Our craftsmen can apply any color from jet black to the lightest pastels. From white to glitters. These finishes can be applied onto the edge of almost any sheet, card, pad or book.

The Edge Coloring, however slight, on a sheet of writing or text weight paper gives an air of subtleness and refinement. On your thicker and heavier stocks as well as laminated, layered or pasted sheets the Edge Color beautifully coordinates with the printed surface.