Bespoke print 

Print something unique and bespoke.

It is our unwavering belief that good old-fashioned, traditional letterpress printing, coupled with modern designs creates the most memorable printed materials.

Designers, agencies, media companies, in fact, most industries are now looking for “something different” to give them the edge over their competitors. Many are looking back in time to vintage printing techniques such as good old letterpress, foiling, debossing (where the design sinks into the board, giving a tactile feel) or embossing, where it's raised up on the board. Even die cutting things to shape are back in fashion!

There are so many old methods that are in vogue. We have pushed the boundaries to their limits to achieve these amazing effects.

We still hand mix Pantone colours - this method is not possible when printing digitally.

We also use a technique called duplexing which is two different boards mounted together. VIP pioneered this technique many years ago and have it down to a fine art.

Now we can produce even thicker boards by triplexing and quadplexing to amazing thickness and effects from 200gsm all the way up to 2100gsm plus. See some of our work in our gallery on the Invitations, Business Cards and Corporate Stationery pages.

These produce visually stunning results using different colour and textured boards to give you the sandwich effect.

We can hand paint the edges, gild them, cut them on an angle or do whatever is required to achieve your desired effects.

At VIP our sales team will take time to listen to all your needs, ideas and aspirations.

We use top branded boards such as Colorplan by GF Smith who have an amazing range such as Strathmore, Crane’s Crest, Gmund, Accent, Mohawk, Beckett, Plike, Monadnock, Naturalis, Woodside, Original Gmund 100% Cotton, Zen and Lorenzo to name but a few. We also work with Italian paper and board company Fedrigoni who have an amazing, vast range of stocks that will take your breath away!

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